Kreps Keynote

2018 Symposium Keynote Speaker

Thursday October 4 (morning plenary)

in BSOE Simularium

Jay Kreps is the CEO of Confluent, Inc., a company backing the popular streaming system, Apache Kafka. Prior to founding Confluent, he was formerly the lead architect for data infrastructure at LinkedIn. He is among the original authors of Apache Kafka and several other open source projects and is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz.

Introduction to Streaming Data and Stream Processing with Apache Kafka

Modern businesses have data at their core, and this data is changing continuously. How can we harness this torrent of continuously changing data in real time? The answer is stream processing, and one system that has become a core hub for streaming data is Apache Kafka.

This presentation will give a brief introduction to Apache Kafka and describe its usage as a platform for streaming data. It will explain how Kafka serves as a foundation for both streaming data pipelines and applications that consume and process real-time data streams. It will introduce some of the newer components of Kafka that help make this possible.