CROSS Research Symposium , Oct 11-14, 2021

The CROSS Symposium is almost here! Registration is still open!

This remote event will provide an opportunity to learn about the research being done by CROSS fellows and affiliated faculty, interact with CROSS and other UC Santa Cruz faculty, graduate students, and affiliated researchers, and discuss future directions and collaborative research projects at UC Santa Cruz. Each day will include a plenary session, keynotes, and continue with topic-specific workshops.

We are excited to have keynotes by Stormy Peters, Director of Microsoft's Open Source Program Office, and leading open source community expert Deb Nicholson. We will also have roundtable discussions featuring community influencer's like Nithya Ruff of Comcast and Chassidy Cook of RedHat.

This year's workshops will cover a range of topics including sessions focused on the work of on-going and up-coming CROSS projects, along with other exciting research topics that could benefit from working in open source ecosystems. This year we will also once again highlight our Open Source Research Experience contributors with dedicated lightning talk sessions.

Registration is free. Links to join meetings will be provided after registration

Preliminary Agenda

Subject to change  

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Monday, October 11

agenda for day's sessions


Welcome and Agenda Overview

Chairs: Carlos Maltzahn and Stephanie Lieggi, UC Santa Cruz


Keynote: Lessons We Learned Working with Open Source at Microsoft

Stormy Peters, Director, Open Source Programs Office at Microsoft

Workshop Sessions



Track 1

Programmable Storage I

Chair: Carlos Maltzahn, UC Santa Cruz


Alexandru Uta, University of Leiden

John O’Dwyer, DataBricks

Holly Casaletto, UC Santa Cruz

Track 2

Aspects of Data Management 

Chairs: Phokion Kolaitis, UC Santa Cruz & Akhil Dixit, Google


Julia Stoyanovich, New York University

Behzad Golshan, Megagon Labs


Open Source Research Experience Summer 2021 - Overview & Student Lightning Talks

Chair: Stephanie Lieggi, UC Santa Cruz

Lightning Talks:

Eshan Bhargava, UC Santa Cruz 

Jesse Chen, UC Santa Cruz

Shun Kashiwa, UC Santa Cruz

Tuesday, October 12

agenda for day's sessions


Welcome and Agenda Overview

Workshop Sessions


Track 1

SmartNICs and Eusocial Storage Devices

Chair: Jianshen Liu, UC Santa Cruz


Philip Kufeldt, Seagate Technology

Craig Ulmer, Sandia National Laboratories

Jianshen Liu, UC Santa Cruz

Track 2

Open Source Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Chairs: Aaron Hunter and Pavlo Vlastos, UC Santa Cruz


Addisu Taddese, Open Robotics

Rishikesh Vanarse, Carnegie Mellon (OSRE student)

Rupal Sharma, IIT Baharas (OSRE student)

Pavlo Vlastos, UC Santa Cruz


Panel Discussion on Community Health and Diversity in Open Source

Chair: Carmen Robinson, UC Santa Cruz


Chassidy Cook, RedHat

Christina Dacanay, ml5.js

Carlos Espinosa, UC Santa Cruz

Dorothy Santos, Processing Foundation


Wednesday, October 13

agenda for day's sessions


Welcome and Agenda Overview

Carlos Maltzahn and Stephanie Lieggi


Keynote: How to Win Friends and Build Software

Deb Nicholson, Open Source Community Management Expert

Workshop Sessions


Track 1

Programmable Storage II

& Roundtable Discussion

Chair: Carlos Maltzahn


Wes McKinney & David Li, Voltron

Jayjeet Chakraborty, UC Santa Cruz

Esmaeil Mirvakili, UC Santa Cruz

Aaron Chu, UC Santa Cruz

Track 2

OS Hardware and Roundtable Discussion

Chairs: Jose Renau & Sheng-Hong Wang, UC Santa Cruz


Mark Heffernan, Google

Tim Sherwood, UC Santa Barbara

Scott Beamer, UC Santa Cruz

Chris Lattner, SiFive

Timothy Sherwood, UC Santa Barbara

Sakshi Garg, UC Santa Cruz


Thursday, October 14

agenda for day's sessions


Welcome and Agenda Overview

Carlos Maltzahn and Stephanie Lieggi


Open Source Research Experience Summer 2021 - Mentor Perspective and Student Lightning Talks

Chair: Jayjeet Chakraborty, UC Santa Cruz

Lightning Talks:

Mishal Singha, LNMIIT

Yash Jipkate, IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Rahul Agarwa, IIT Kharagpur, India

Workshop Sessions


Track 1

Reproducibility in HPC

Chair: Tanu Malik, DePaul University


Todd Gamblin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Kate Keahey, Argonne National Laboratory

Andrew J Younge, Sandia National Laboratories.

Track 2

Data Across Boundaries

Chair: Oskar Elek, UC Santa Cruz


Jessica Kendall-Bar, UC Santa Cruz

Matthew J. Turk, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Alexander Bock, Linköping University

Jing Zhu, UC Santa Cruz


Open Source @ UC Santa Cruz - Panel Discussion

Chair: Nithya Ruff, Comcast


Kristina Golubiewski-Davis, Digital Scholarship Commons

Tim Harris, Computational Genomics Platform

Carlos Maltzahn, Center for Research in Open Source Software

Jason Nielsen, Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

Warren Sack, Film & Digital Media




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