2016 Symposium & Oktoberfest

First Annual CROSS Research Symposium  & Eighth UCSC Systems Oktoberfest

CROSS held its first research symposium on October 24-25, 2016. The two-day event was an opportunity to discuss the progress of CROSS projects, promote interaction with CROSS faculty, graduate students, and affiliated researchers, as well as outside researchers and members of the OSS community.  The symposium attracted participants from academia, national labs, industry and the OSS community.  The workshops’ content were highly informative and numerous participants noted that having a forum like this to informally network with others working in OSS was invaluable.

Monday, Track 1:
Secure, Real-Time Sharing of Cancer Gene Information
(chair: Rob Currie, CTO, Genomics Institute)

Monday, Track 2:
Workshop on Data-Driven Dynamic Networked Systems
(chair: Ricardo Sanfelice)

Tuesday, Track 1:

Programmability and Architecture of Storage Systems
(chairs: Carlos Maltzahn, Jishen Zhao)

Tuesday, Track 2:

Towards a Better Computer Arithmetic: A Unum (Universal Number) Workshop
(chairs: Nic Brummell, John Gustafson)