Submitting New Research Proposal

Research Proposals

Proposals are considered at our regular Industrial Advisory Board meetings. UC Santa Cruz faculty, affiliated experts and senior graduate students can propose research projects to CROSS. Applicants who are short listed for consideration are expected to present their proposal at the IAB meeting at UCSC, either in person or remotely. Final decisions are typically communicated to applicants within two weeks of the IAB meeting.

Each selected research project will typically receive funding for one graduate student researcher position. Selection for funding is determined by the UCSC Advisory Committee, based on the recommendations of CROSS industry members.  Selected projects are reviewed every 6 months and are required to make all source code available under an open source software license agreement.

New research projects should raise a fundamental research question and open a plausible path to open source software that would be widely adopted. The project’s topic should also meet strategic objectives of the CROSS members of industries or the UCSC Advisory Committee. For more information on the proposal process, contact cross-info[at]