How We Work

CROSS Operation Model

The CROSS operation model is based on the National Science Foundation(NSF) Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) structure. CROSS utilizes this structure which aims create partnerships that enable pre-competitive research via funding from multiple members. 




CROSS leadership and staff are responsible for all CROSS activities. The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) makes recommendations on the selection and direction of research projects via board meetings and mentorships. Membership also gives companies and organizations access to the CROSS education program and a network of student talent. IAB members attend CROSS board meetings and the annual research symposium that specifically showcases CROSS projects. The UCSC Advisory Committee assists the Director in project selection, fundraising and outreach strategies for the Center, and interactions with the Industrial Advisory Board. CROSS supports the work of numerous UCSC graduate students through the funding of open source research projects. These students work with a faculty mentor to develop and execute the CROSS funded projects. CROSS Incubators are led in most cases by post-doctorate researchers.



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