Noah Watkins: Programmable Storage

May 02, 2019


Event Information:

Date and time: May 9, 2019; 9:50-11:25
Location: Basking Engineering (BE) Room 156



Storage system solutions have historically been dominated by proprietary offerings designed around a fixed set of common interfaces such as the POSIX file abstraction. However, as the scalability requirements of applications have grown, these interfaces and their implementations have not kept pace. This has forced developers to rely on middleware and external services to address these limitations. These solutions introduce new complexity into the system in the form of duplicated software and can lead to increased costs and reduced reliability. In this talk I'll describe programmable storage as a means by which existing internal storage system abstractions can be generalized and reused to support applications through the creation of domain-specific interfaces. By reusing internal, code-hardened sub-systems applications can avoid duplicating complex software and increase reliability, as well as realize application-specific optimizations. We demonstrate programmable storage by mapping a wide range of common application and storage services requirements onto existing abstractions found in distributed storage systems.


Noah is a software engineer at Red Hat working on Ceph orchestration in Kubernetes. He received his Ph.D. from U.C. Santa Cruz in 2018, and lives in San Francisco.