Dave Täht: Grokking network lag under load – explorations of what makes fast networks feel slow, and what to do about it

May 29, 2019


Event Information:

Date and time: June 4, 2019; 9:50-11:25
Location: Basking Engineering (BE) Room 156

Partial Video of Talk Available


With the rise in excessive buffering on many parts of the internet, classic assumptions about network behaviors, reliability and latency go out the window. This talk is about the ongoing problem of "bufferbloat", the many piecemeal solutions to it, and issues going forward.


Dave Täht, CTO of TekLibre, has been involved in open source for over 30 years. He spent the last 8 years solving the bufferbloat problem on home routers, helping invent, develop and deploy (as open source in Linux and FreeBSD), algorithms such fq_codel, fq_codel for wifi, and sch_cake. He’s been known to release major embedded router OSes from Eric Raymond’s basement, and has a long list of suggestions for better network research, rigorously using methods such as open access, open github code, and fully repeatable experiments to achieve better results. He cofounded an ISP in the early 1990s, helped create the embedded linux market while at MontaVista in the early 2000s, and spent 5 years in Nicaragua on the OLPC project working on WiFi mesh routing and the babel protocol in an environment with unreliable power and intensely flaky connectivity. His current project holds promise to improve utilization and latency not only across the internet but in ROCE and NVM over TCP – and his ongoing work into improving wifi happens in a lab buried deep in the Los Gatos hills.