GSoC Students Report on Successful CROSS-mentored Projects

August 27, 2018

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CROSS was privileged to mentor two Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students this year. Both project were successfully complete in August 2018. Congratulations to our students and their mentors.

Archiving with Popper CLI

Student: Ankan Poddar (National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal, India)
Project Description: The project involves the implementation of a popper sub-command archive to create an online archive (snapshot) of the repository at any point of time and optionally generate a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Zenodo, Figshare, Open Science Framework (OSF) and Dataverse all provide public APIs which can be used to create online archives on these services and get a DOI.
Mentors: Ivo Jiminez, Michael Sevilla

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ZLog entry caching & benchmarking

Student: Javier Ron (ESPOL, Ecuador)
Project Description: Create a flexible caching service that can function locally on a zlog client node, while forming the basis for cache management in a proxy caching server. Finding and building a benchmark tool for ZLog. Run and report benchmark tests using the ZLog benchmark tool.
Mentors: Noah Watkins, Jeff LeFevre

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