Open Source Education

CROSS affiliated faculty and students have established course work at UCSC that aims to increase the pool of talented students familiar with open source software. CROSS affiliated faculty at UCSC offer coursework that covers themes such as Linux kernel programming and open source software tool chains. These courses include class projects that frequently seed new research projects. CROSS also offers presentations and seminars by invited guest lecturers on topics specific to open source software. Additionally, our prestigious practitioner-in-residence program brings well-known leaders of open source projects to visit UC Santa Cruz for an extended amount of time during which they teach especially themed versions of existing courses and mentor CROSS students.

COSS Workshop Series

CROSS has hosted a series of workshops on Commercial Open Source Software, facilitated by Dr. Dirk Riehle. This Workshop Series explores various topics include Software Industry, Commercial Open Source, & University Spin-Offs.

Current Coursework

CMPS 107: Open-Source Programming

This course was first taught in Winter 2016 by Carlos Maltzahn, with Andrew Shewmaker as teaching assistant and author of the syllabus, for which Andrew received a 2015 Chancellor’s Graduate Student  Teaching Fellowship. The class earned the instructor and the teaching assistant Excellence in Teaching Awards that year. This course teaches students how to get successfully involved in the Linux kernel community and includes guest speakers from industry and the open-source software community. This course is offered once a year at UCSC, and is telecast to the UCSC Silicon Valley Campus and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.