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Video Content:

00:00 Introduction & Overview
30:44 Jeff LeFevre: SkyhookDM
39:41 Jose Renau: LiveHD
51:20 Aaron Hunter: Open Source Autonomous Vehicle Controller
59:33 Jianshen Liu: Eusocial Storage Devices


Overview of Program:

In Summer 2020, CROSS launched the Open Source Research Experience program, a marketplace for open source project ideas that matches students to mentors, and engages members of industry to fund and participate in open source based summer internships. The goal of this program is to increase student capabilities in working in open source, add productive contributors to on-going projects, and further promote open source as a way to engage with communities spanning industry and academia.

CROSS mentors have posted their project ideas for undergraduates to review and help them create proposals for the summer. Industry partners and other outside sponsors can both propose project ideas as well as pledge funding for particular mentors' projects. Sponsorships for the program start at $9,500 per summer student (discounted rate for two or more students sponsored). The sponsorship funding will support the work of one undergraduates student to work full time with a CROSS mentor (or mentor team) for up to 12 weeks over the summer. The sponsoring organization will also be able to collaborate with CROSS mentors and participating students, as well as be recognized as program supporters at the CROSS Research Symposium scheduled for October 2021. At that event, all participating students will be given an opportunity to speak on their summer projects and highlight the support of their mentors and sponsors.

For more information about how to support this program see the FAQ below

How much does it cost to Sponsor the OSRE program?

  • There are varying sponsorship levels/costs based on the number of student slots you want to fund:
    • $9500 for 1 student
    • $18500 for 2 students ($9250/student)
    • $27000 for 3 students ($9000/student)
    • $35000 for 4 students ($8750/student)
  • This funding used to support student summer internships, prioritizing the projects of mentors whose work is of particular interest to the sponsor.


How does my organization become an OSRE sponsor?

  • Interested organizations can make a pledge to be a sponsor on the OSRE Sponsorship Pledge page. The priority deadline for Sponsorship Pledges is April 9.
  • When you make the pledge, you will be asked for information about who to contact within your organization to set up the sponsorship payment, which will be in the form of a gift to CROSS.


How do I find out more about CROSS projects and what the benefits are to being an OSRE sponsor?

  • CROSS recorded an information session with a detailed overview of the program mechanics and introduction by our mentors. You can also reach out directly to CROSS.

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