Information for Sponsors of the Open Source Research Experience

Below is information for organizations interested in being a sponsor for the Open Source Research Exerience for Undergraduate Students

In July 2020, CROSS will launch the Summer 2020 Open Source Research Experience program with CROSS fellows, each providing a portfolio of project ideas and offering their excellent mentorship to undergraduate students. Interested  students apply for particular project ideas, and fellows identify the best matches.

For more detailed information about the program and the CROSS projects involved, check out the kick-off webinar below.

00:00 Introduction and Overview (Carlos Maltzahn)
17:30 A Productive Open Source Hardware Flow (Jose Renau)
29:36 CAvSAT: Consistent Answers via Satisfiability (Akhil Dixit)
39:56 SkyhookDM: Storage and Management of Tabular Data in Ceph (Jeff LeFevre)
49:48 SkyhookDM/HDF5 (Quincey Koziol, LBNL)
56:33 The Popper Container-native Workflow Engine (Ivo Jimenez)
1:10:10 Tracery 2 & Chancery (Kate Compton)

Industry partners can help support this program by "up-voting" CROSS fellows (or their advisors) to signal their interest in particular project idea portfolios. An up-vote costs $9,500 which will be used to fund student summer internships, prioritizing students matched to project ideas by the most up-voted CROSS fellows.

In return, up-voted CROSS fellows invite sponsors to participate in a blend of open source software strategies with graduate-level research in a concentrated environment of mentorship, including the opportunity to meet and interact with students and mentors, and an invitation to an end-of-summer presentation where they will show off the results of their work.

Current projects ideas are available at and cover hardware synthesis and simulation, storage and management of tabular data in Ceph, querying inconsistent databases, and container-native workflow authoring and execution. 

For more information about how to support this program see the FAQ below

How much does it cost to up-vote a CROSS fellow?

  • The cost to up-vote a CROSS fellow is $9,500 which will be used to fund student summer internships, prioritizing students matched to project ideas by the most up-voted CROSS fellows.

How do I find out about CROSS projects and how to get involved?

  • Attend the webinar on June 30 at 2pm (register here). If you can’t attend this presentation, a recorded version will be posted to this page. You can also reach out directly to CROSS.

How do I support an individual project idea instead of a fellow's project idea portfolio?
  • The success of summer projects depends on how good of a match a student applicant is to a project idea. We feel that the CROSS fellow who came up with the project idea porfolio is in the best position to decide who of the student applicants is the best match to work on which project idea.
  • We therefore ask industry partners to vote on project idea portfolios instead of individual project ideas so that  the best matches get funded instead of project ideas that might not have a good match.
  • Industry partners are encouraged to contact CROSS to discuss particular cases.
  • Fellows have the final decision about which student to select based on the best matches they identified.


What is the process of up-voting?

  • Sponsors gift $9,500 per up-vote to CROSS. Industry partners send up-vote(s) to CROSS and will receive a response with details of how to proceed with the payments.

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