How your organization can support innovation & future open source leaders

Engage with researchers and new student talent on exciting open source innovations! 


Sponsor Information Session - December 15 at 1pm PST

Register here for zoom link - session will be recorded.

A second info session will be held in early January (date/time TBA)

Priority Deadline for Expression of Interest from Sponsors - February 25, 2022.

Read about the Successful 2021 Program and Innovative Student Projects

Does your organization want to utilize more open-source software?  Are you planning to focus more on cloud computing, in-memory computing, software-defined storage, more flexible databases, high-performance computing, and other state-of-the-art methods?  The Open Source Research Experience (OSRE) offers you the chance to participate in projects that will save you money, make your products and development cycles run faster and utilize the latest approaches, and provide insight you could never achieve on your own. 

Your organization can sponsor highly productive teams engaged in open source software engineering and graduate-level research -and participate in these efforts at a level that makes sense.  Initial examples of potential projects are available at and cover hardware synthesis and simulation, and storage and management of tables in Ceph. [NOTE: More project ideas are being added by our UC-affiliated mentors during December and January.]

Overview of Program:

For Summer 2022, the Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) will be working with organizations interested in directly supporting the efforts of OSRE students contributing to University of California-based open source software projects. Our mentors, who are faculty and researchers from throughout the UC system, have provided a list of project ideas that will be the basis for student work. The goal of this program is to increase student capabilities in working in open source projects, add productive contributors to on-going projects, and further promote open source throughout the UC system.

Launched in 2020, the Open Source Research Experience program has developed into a marketplace for open source project ideas that matches students to mentors, and engages sponsoring organizations to fund and participate in open source based summer internships. The goal of this program is to increase student capabilities in working in open source, add productive contributors to on-going projects, and further promote open source as a way to engage with communities spanning industry and academia.

CROSS mentors have posted their project ideas for undergraduates to review and help them create proposals for the summer. Industry partners and other outside sponsors can both propose project ideas as well as pledge funding for particular mentors' projects.

Sponsorships for the program start at $9,500 per summer student (discounted rate for two or more students sponsored). The sponsorship funding will support the work of student contributors to work full time with a UC-affiliated mentor (or mentor team) for up to 12 weeks over the summer. The sponsoring organization will also be able to collaborate with OSRE mentors and participating students, as well as be recognized as program supporters at the OSRE Research Symposium scheduled for October 2022. At that event, all participating students will be given an opportunity to speak on their summer projects and highlight the support of their mentors and sponsors.

How much does it cost to Sponsor the OSRE program?

  • There are varying sponsorship levels/costs based on the number of student slots you want to fund:
    • $9500 for 1 student
    • $18500 for 2 students ($9250/student)
    • $27000 for 3 students ($9000/student)
    • $35000 for 4 students ($8750/student)
  • This funding is used to support the student's summer project, prioritizing the projects of mentors whose work is of particular interest to the sponsor.


How does my organization become an OSRE sponsor?

  • Go to the list of project ideas and select the "Interested in sponsoring?" next to the open source project you would like to support. That will initiate the creation of an email to indicating you intent to sponsor an OSRE slot. You can also directly send an email to to indicate your interest.
  • CROSS will reach out to you (or your designated contact) to process your sponsorship pledge.
  • Priority pledges are due by February 25


How do I find out more about our open source projects and what the benefits are to being an OSRE sponsor?

  • We will be holding overview sessions via Zoom for the 2022 OSRE on December 15, 2021 and in early January 2022. Register here for the December session. 
  • You can also reach out to us directly ( and we can set up a time to talk with you about the program.



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