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Inspired by Google Summer of Code, CROSS launched the Open Source Research Experience (OSRE) in the summer of 2020, a marketplace for open source project ideas that matches students to mentors, and engages members of industry to fund and participate in open source based summer internships. The goal of this program is to increase student capabilities in working in open source, add productive contributors to on-going projects, and further promote open source at UC Santa Cruz and other UC campuses. OSRE rounds out the mission of CROSS to educate students by supporting their contribution to developer communities in open source projects and providing highly relevant open source experiences to undergrads.

The benefits for industry partners and other interested sponsors include the identification of potential recruits, the encouragement of open source practices in academic research, and early access to technologies in research prototypes.

The benefits for participating mentors include the opportunity to attract and support talented student developers to their open source community.

The benefits for participating students include the opportunity to work with mentors who are genuinely interested in outcomes and exposure to technologies that can significantly improve their job opportunities.


CROSS values diversity and inclusion in all our projects. We invite students from traditionally excluded groups in tech and open source communities to apply to this program. Due to the open source nature of all CROSS projects, contributions are welcomed from both UC Santa Cruz and non-UC Santa Cruz students. CROSS is partnering with the Baskin Engineering Inclusive Excellence Hub to increase our ability to reach a more diverse pool of students and mentors.

CROSS also accepts project ideas from mentors (UC faculty, researchers and PhD students) not currently supported by CROSS. All projects must be open source to be considered for this program. See information for interested mentors below. 

Industry partners and other sponsors are welcome to support this program by signalling their interest in particular project idea portfolios. Sponsors support is used directly to fund these student summer internships. CROSS fellows will invite sponsoring organizations to participate in a blend of open source software strategies with graduate-level research in a concentrated environment of mentorship, including the opportunity to meet and interact with students and mentors, and an invitation to an end-of-summer presentation where they will show off the results of their work.


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